A Few Words About Us

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Together we are the future establishment of Christian values in our communities, nation, and world. Improving the connections and collaboration is a benefit for everyone. All roads must point to biblical higher learning in our churches and institutions. Inspirations must be met every step of the way. There is something for everyone, and our promise is to provide the hope, making the path clear, present, and instantly searchable in real time. For more information contact Mike Robinson at MRobinson@wechurch.com. Wechurch.com is a Christian Vision operating in West Virginia for Churches and Institutions, advancing Social Media impact and technology uses within the “Body of Christ.”

Our Mission, Vision & Values


We are on a mission!

It is our mission to build on unity and increase the connections within the Body of Christ. A strategy of collaboration and coordination of all divine ministries working together to serve and inspire communities and individuals alike pursuing spiritual growth. Wechurch.com serves by providing an easily searchable website of Christian community events and service. A unique opportunity for Christian organizations and Churches to share in the impact of inspiring active spiritual growth, in support of our higher learning Christian Colleges and Universities. A body in motion and motivation, stays in motion and motivation!


God has given us vision!

Church marketing in social media and web based applications is a difficult endeavor. We intend to streamline and simplify it by showcasing the activities, service, and mentoring expertise of individual churches in a user friendly searchable manner. Marketing is confusion, while mentoring paves the way for a better tomorrow. It is God’s vision for us to aid in restoring Christian Moral Authority in the United States and abroad. We are living in challenging times where virtual contact and social messaging is preventing the societal sharing of yokes; we intend to restore personal contact in and around our communities by revealing Christian service and its impact.


Our Biblical Values!

We recognize all biblical values starting with worshipping only, the one true God. Continued with having respect for all others, walking humbly, being honest in your dealings, seeking a moral lifestyle of truth, always practicing what we preach, steering clear of self-righteousness and grudges. We freely forgive others as we wish to be forgiven ourselves.